Well this is my blog,

Before starting it, i read several articles on blogging and it told me to be a niche blog so i’m going to give it my best shot.

I am going to be blogging about the goings on and the realities of secondary education.

You’re probably wondering “Why would you blog about school? its so shit and boring”. Well it turns out that probably one of the most hated institutions on earth is actually quite an interesting thing to write about, i mean you saw ‘educating yorkshire’ right?

Also you might well have noticed i haven’t mentioned my name yet… well that’s because i’m NEVER going to reveal my identity and what school i attend because students in the past have tweeted about what’s shit about their school and ended up  being suspended.also i am remaining anonymous to replicate the work of the ‘secret footballer’ in four-four-two.

That’s all i have to say so please comment, feedback will come in real handy.

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