teachers… need I say more

I have a mixed opinion on teachers… a VERY mixed opinion. My geography teacher is a nice guy and always willing to help you out if ever you asked him and also he shares a mature 😉 joke or two with us meaning that the majority of the class have a lot of respect for him apart from the usual hardcore who refuse to respect anyone. This is in contrast to an RS teacher who shouts for respect, I dont have any good experiences with this woman, Once i was in another lesson when she walked into the room and walked over to where me and a couple of mates were sitting, i simply said “yes” to one mate (I don’t think its an expletive). For my ‘heinous’ crime i was sent out of and given the hair dryer treatment respective of that seen in Manchester united’s dressing room when fergie was in charge.

That day i found a new respect for that teacher, Not because I thought she was a respectable teacher, it was more I respected her or I died. As recent as a month ago a mate of mine recieved a TWO hour detention from this teacher for ‘invading’ her personal space (I shit you not). He couldn’t get the detention recinded, not because the detention was for a good reason, but more the fact that every other teacher including the head is shit scared of her. I would as far as to say she is a female hitler, She doesn’t gain respect as a rational human being should, She demands it from you otherwise you won’t ever see the light of day again… If ever you read this and you come across someone that fits the description, The chances are you know EXACTLY who i’m on about (As long as you live in england).

Please please comment, anything i could have done better or just something you want me to cover in future posts!!!

thank you and have a very good week 😀


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